Real Estate Investor Leads

We bring you motivated, ready to go property investors looking to invest. Through a simple system we attract people looking to invest in the real estate market that you can work with.

We ask them:

  • What type of property they’re after
  • Their desired investment location (if you offer multiple locations)
  • If they have a certain minimum to invest in real estate (typically $10,000+)
  • What their investment goals are
  • Their investment timeline
  • And their contact information for you to reach out to them

We leverage the full power of Facebook’s targeting to attract people with a high net worth and liquid assets so you’re not talking to the people who are researching for years in the future – but those who can make the investment today.

Real Estate Investor Lead Generation System

  • Real Estate Investor Landing Page Setup
  • Facebook Campaign Setup
  • Facebook Pixel Setup
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Management
  • On-Going Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting