(1) SUPPLIER: and (2) CLIENT.
(1) SUPPLIER: Product: Phone Marketing Training for Your Business.
(1) SUPPLIER: Trading as: R. M. Ditomo ABN 71 068 928 104 using Domain Name RealEstateAdvertising.Agency and owned by R. M. Ditomo. PO Box 14, Lithgow, NSW, 2790.

When we are referring to RealEstateAdvertising.Agency in this agreement, we are confirming that R.M. Ditomo is the owner and using ABN 71 068 928 104.
Contract is for: Phone Marketing Training for Your Business.
(2) CLIENT: You are identifying yourself and paying via options. Your identification is sent to us.
Legal Terms and Conditions.


The Client will pay the total quoted and agreed price. RealEstateAdvertising.Agency requires this amount to be paid, before any work commences to go ahead with the Phone Marketing Training for Your Business.

Credit Card: Direct Deposit: PayPal: Cash.

Deposit details will be supplied and a Tax Invoice will be included.
Payment will be made before the Phone Marketing Training for Your Business been completed. You will be advised, after the payment and an Email or Discussion can confirm it. After payment, then a suitable time can be set aside for the Training. It is done using "ZOOM."

Timing of Training
RealEstateAdvertising.Agency will complete the training within 60 days or as arranged with the Client.

Phone Marketing Training for Your Business Product Satisfaction

RealEstateAdvertising.Agency offer the training in good faith and will try to pass on the best tips and ideas possible, based on our experience.

We recognise that there are many suitably qualified persons in the Real Estate Industry, far more experienced than ourselves. In addition, we also recognise that there are persons in the Real Estate Industry that need training, or could use the additional Training.

We know that passing on our methods, or phone conversation styles could easily cause us to lose potential work because we are licensed and based in NSW.

To explain: If we do a Phone Marketing Training for Your Business, for an Agent in NSW, then that Agent may or may not hire us to the do the work. They may wish to use their own staff, and this could cost us money in the form of lost work opportunities. We are licensed in NSW. Therefore, if you are a Real Estate Agent, in NSW, then we may or may not elect to do the Phone Marketing Training for Your Business.

The rate or cost for the Phone Marketing Training for Your Business is based on the potential loss of work. We charge, what we consider to be a rate suitable for the Ideas and Methods and Telephone Call Styles of conversation used.

Some Real Estate Agents may see very good value in the information, and others may not see the value. It all depends on the experience of the persons who have undertook our Training.

You Also Agree to the Following:

You accept to undertake the training, at your own risk. It might be beneficial to you. It might not be beneficial in your view. Either way, you accept the risk as your own. Refunds are not given.
Refund Requests:

It is agreed that any money paid to RealEstateAdvertising.Agency (R.M. Ditomo) is non-refundable.

Same as Refund requests above. The Client may cancel, but agrees to a No Refund.
RealEstateAdvertising.Agency reserve their rights to decide if they wish to promote a business, or whether or not to provide any Phone Marketing Training for Your Business.

RealEstateAdvertising.Agency promote the Phone Marketing Training for Your Business to selected Clients. All Clients are viewed on a case by case basis.
Client is required to ensure that their business meets all the current Australian legislation. The Client shall further indemnify RealEstateAdvertising.Agency  in respect of any claims, costs and expenses. In other words, RealEstateAdvertising.Agency will not promote any sort of illegal business.
RealEstateAdvertising.Agency reserves the right not to include any material supplied by the Client if RealEstateAdvertising.Agency deems it inappropriate or offensive, or if the material appears to infringe on the copyrights owned by other persons / person or company or any organisation. Supply of the material by the Client shall be regarded as a guarantee by the Client to RealEstateAdvertising.Agency that all such permission and authorities have been obtained. No responsibility will be accepted by RealEstateAdvertising.Agency for damages to or losses incurred by the Client from the use of material for which the required permission or authority has not been obtained. The Client agrees to indemnify RealEstateAdvertising.Agency against all legal claims should any be made, concerning any material supplied by the Client and advertised by RealEstateAdvertising.Agency.
It is agreed that once the Phone Marketing Training for Your Business is completed, and paid for in full, that the Client may change the Phone Marketing Training for Your Business, or engage the services of another provider to make future adjustments and alterations, or further Phone Marketing Training for Your Business. All such future changes and adjustments are at the sole risk of the Client and RealEstateAdvertising.Agency is no longer responsible for anything, its contents, or the actions of anyone else that is taking over the responsibility.
It is agreed that the Client will not attempt to make any claims or legal claims against RealEstateAdvertising.Agency for any failings or delivery problems supplied by any 3rd party supplier.

It is agreed that the Client will not attempt to make any claims or legal claims against RealEstateAdvertising.Agency for anything. The Client accepts that the Training is at the Client's risk.
When the Phone Marketing Training for Your Business has been completed, then RealEstateAdvertising.Agency will advise the Client. The balance will be paid within 7 days. (if any) Normally they are pre-paid so this clause would not normally apply.
If the Client requires a Major Change to Phone Marketing Training for Your Business, AFTER the payment, and if the Major Changes exceed the quote and agreed price, then the Client will be offered a quote for the additional work. The Client may accept the quote or go ahead with the original work. The notices for these Major Changes will be notified in writing, Email or Phone as the need arises. The Client agrees to send an Email to RealEstateAdvertising.Agency and confirm agreement to pay for the extra work. If the extra work is of a substantial nature, then Client agrees to sign a Contract or additional agreement to pay.
It is agreed that if RealEstateAdvertising.Agency provides a Phone Marketing Training for Your Business traffic promotion program (either paid or unpaid) that such advertising is NOT guaranteed to provide any sale, or business request, or service request, or even one phone call, from a potential customer. It is agreed that Advertising is risky, including the Internet, and Phone Marketing.

RealEstateAdvertising.Agency recommends that Internet Advertising or Telephone Marketing be done only after research and the risk is accepted by the Client.
It is agreed that the Client will not ever take action against RealEstateAdvertising.Agency for loss of business. It is understood that there are many variables to a failure including the Clients Business, the Clients reputation, the pricing offered by the Client, the Products offered by the Client, Advertising or lack of Advertising, and even the nature of the people being spoken to on the telephone. It is understood and agreed that the variables of these kinds of failure are beyond the control of RealEstateAdvertising.Agency. The Client agrees to accept all the risks.
NOTE: Payment will be made to R. M. Ditomo Our ABN is 71 068 928 104.

Total and Agreed Price.

You will have received an Official Email from Us The price will be given to you in the Email.

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