How To Get Hundreds of Real Estate Buyer Leads On Facebook For A Couple Bucks EACH

by RealtorPages Team March 10, 2018

$1.47 CAD Per Real Estate Buyer Lead (w/ 6 data points) Using Facebook Ads

We’ve been running a campaign hyper-locally to mess around to test/iterate.

Thought I’d share the raw info of what’s working to generate buyer and seller leads right now in a passive and fully automated way.

Attached is the ad that we’re using – it’s the best performing by far for a few reasons:

  • Seasonality
  • Hyper local
  • Perfect price range for +80% of buyers
  • And a lot more

It goes through a simple flow of asking for just email first to “get the inside scoop” followed by a simple ask to tell us more:

  • name
  • email
  • phone number
  • type of property they’re interested in
  • maximum budget
  • timeline to purchase
  • interest in a home loan deal (for referral partners)

We end up with leads like this:

Then on the thank you page they have the option to book a call with a realtor right away to talk about seeing homes in their budget.

That’s just a ScheduleOnce embed.

Really simple but effective 2-step funnel:

Email Capture >> Full Data Capture >> Thanks

And this exactly little funnel has generated over 300 leads in Niagara Falls alone (a city of under 300,000 people).

Want to get more info on how this works?

Get A Copy Of The Blueprint Here!

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